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Kazakhstan Residential Property Services

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Residential Leasing Services (Almaty) - Marina Khrissanova

CBRE Kazakhstan provides a full range of services to multinational corporations relocating employees to and within Kazakhstan. For our corporate and private clients we offer a complete service package ranging from orientation tours for new arrivals, finding and securing selected properties, providing ongoing advice on market trends, housing budgets and expatriate housing policies as well as assistance in school selection and introduction to the social clubs and activities. The Residential Leasing Services team has significant experience and a proven track record in the luxury residential leasing market offering:

Key Services

  • Advance property search according to lessee's specifications
  • Free consultation to property owner
  • Negotiating with the property owner to ensure the lessee's requests are fulfilled
  • Drafting of all necessary legal documents
  • Rent reviews
  • Lease renewals and regearing
  • Arbitrations and independent expert referrals
  • Dispute resolution
  • Lease restructuring
  • After service, client support
  • Renegotiation of the lease terms and conditions
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Residential Sales Services (Almaty) - Marina Khrissanova

Kazakhstan’s Residential Sales Services is a proven expert in luxury residential sales and project marketing. Representing property owners and tenants, the firm provides services and advice tailored to each client’s unique requirements and individual real estate needs. Through our extensive expertise and active involvement we are able to bring real value to our clients by providing them with the most current and accurate analysis and information available in the market on which to base their decisions.
By engaging a CBRE professional to act on your behalf you are ensuring that your best interests are being represented throughout the transaction. Additional value is brought to our agency clients via our integrated services, including valuation, and customized market analysis for a wide-range of clients. Advance property search according to buyer’s specifications

Key Services

  • Free consultation to property owner and buyer
  • Negotiating the price between buyer and seller
  • Drafting of all necessary legal documents and accompanying the deal until successful signing of the purchasing agreement
  • Registration of ownership documents in corresponding authorities
  • Arbitrations and independent expert referrals
  • Promoting sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services
  • Property evaluation


Property Valuation Services (Almaty)

One of the specialized lines of our activity is the provision of professional services in the sphere of property valuation.
Wide experience in the area of residential and commercial real estate valuation, as well as appraisal of other assets of a company, enables us to guarantee maximally objective reflection of all factors affecting the market value of real estate, use all characteristics of a facility in the most efficient manner that essentially influences on the appraisal result for various purposes.
Assets valuation can be performed for loan lending purposes, contribution to the chartered capital of an enterprise, involvement of co-investors, insurance, succession, property division, managerial decision making, purchase of public property, fixed assets value reappraisal, damage and indemnity appraisal and other purposes.
Real estate units are appraised in order to estimate their values on the open market. All our reports are executed in accordance with the International Valuation Committee’s Standards; Valuation Standards accepted by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Valuation work is performed pursuant to the Practical Recommendations of the Appraisal Manual published by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and International Standards of Quality (IVSC, 2007). During the process of real estate valuation Scot Holland| CBRE draws upon its extensive knowledge of the local market and the professionalism of its highly motivated staff to produce high quality, accurate appraisal reports.
Our highly experienced team provides valuation services using their vast knowledge of the local market in the following areas:

Key Services

  • Large Mixed Use Projects;
  • Multifamily Housing (Luxury apartments, government subsidized properties, condominium conversions etc.);
  • Industrial Real Estate (Logistics centers, terminals, factories, industrial parks, self-storages, biotech labs, cold storages etc.);
  • Hospitality (Hotels, resorts, timeshare conversions/ timeshare units);
  • Retail Real Estate (Various sized retail centers, underground shopping center and other retail spaces);
  • Offices (Business centers, office and administrative buildings etc.);
  • Recreational (Golf courses, health & fitness centers, public parks etc.);
  • Properties of Special Purpose (Restaurant, bars, nightclubs, gasoline service stations, convenience stores, movie theatres, car washes, universities/colleges, kindergartens, nurseries, outdoor advertising signs, lumber yards, veterinary clinics, auto
  • Developments (Proposed construction of every type);
  • Land Plots (Land of commercial, Industrial, Residential uses, open space etc.);
  • Portfolio Valuation (properties can be appraised on both an individual basis and/or as a whole).
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Strategic Consulting Services (Almaty)

One of our core business lines is the provision of professional Strategic Consulting services to corporate clients and potential investors in the fields of residential, commercial and industrial property. Our Company’s in-depth and long term experience enables us to align real estate strategies for corporate businesses, considering the maximisation of benefits and minimisation of expenditures at the same time.

Our Market Analysis Reports guarantee an objective reflection of all factors affecting the real estate market, and use all relevant information sources in the most efficient manner, in order to achieve a maximum result during each separate business assignment. They can be used for development planning, loan lending purposes, contribution to the chartered capital of an enterprise, involvement of co-investors, insurance, succession, managerial decision making, purchase of public property and many other purposes.

The Company’s international brand ensures the trust of both local and foreign clients and investors. The list of our professional Strategic Consulting services includes, but is not limited to the following:

Key Services

  • Feasibility Studies for proposed construction or rehabilitation. Will the value of your new or rehabilitated project equal or exceed the total cost to build it and provide adequate entrepreneurial profit?
  • Highest & Best Use Analyses can be performed on improved properties or vacant land. Project optimization will provide increased return on investment. We have experience in complex situations including difficult topography or soil conditions, environme
  • Absorption Studies and Supply/demand Analyses - are the Client’s project projections reasonable and supportable given current market conditions? Is the projected capture rate likely, given the project's physical attributes, location, and competitive po
  • Market and Marketability Studies - a basic market study can include a survey of current and projected supply vs. submarket occupancy rate and trend, while a marketability study goes one step further by identifying the number of units that can be absorbe
  • Zoning change request consultations - we can help you evaluate the likelihood of a zoning change, and/or provide a report advocating the benefits of a zoning change to a municipality.
  • Rent reviews, lease abstractions, and lease audits. From a buyer’s standpoint, lease audits can help to determine if tenants were properly screened, if they are satisfied with their space or plan to vacate upon lease termination, and reconcile actual le
  • Purchase price allocations for financial reporting and other purposes.
  • Financial Modelling.
  • Due Diligence prior to purchase or sale (including purchase / sale advice).
  • Sourcing, evaluation, and transaction management for potential commercial real estate buyers and/or investors.
  • Complete pre-development phase work (site location, letter of intent, purchase offers/negotiation, hiring site engineer and architect, securing equity capital, evaluating debt alternatives, securing planning commission approval, and soliciting contracto