What do you look for when choosing a place to live?

What was the one deciding factor when you moved in to your home? Was it the location? Perhaps the distance to work, maybe the size of the bedrooms or were you looking to move into a property with unique interior design? We’ve all got certain things that we look for when it comes to renting or buying a property and different aspects will be higher up the “must have” list than others so the CBRE Residential team thought we’d do some investigating…

We decided to ask a number of buyers and tenants in London what they looked for when they bought their homes, and the kind of factors they have on their list of priorities and our survey returned some very interesting results.

At the very top of the list, perhaps unsurprisingly given the number of people who commute in and around London was the proximity to public transport links. 93% of our respondents said that living close to bus stops, train or tube stations was very important when it came to buying their home.

Space was also very important to our buyers – both inside and outside the property. 90% of respondents told us that storage space was a key factor in their decision to invest in a new home, while 79% were attracted by the proximity to green spaces such as parks and 73% were swayed based on the availability of a private outdoor space such as a garden or patio.

While many of us look for good architecture and design when it comes to buying a property in London, only one third, (36%), of our respondents said that unique architectural features were important in their investment decision. So while many of us believe that special characteristics are important when it comes to buying and selling a property, it is not necessarily a deal-breaker for many Londoners but it remains important.

It’s also evident that the latest technologies are important but not necessarily vital in the decision over whether or not to invest, as just 36% said that they valued top of the range technology such as high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity.

Take a look at this interesting graphic to find out about other popular features that our buyers and investors looked for, and see if they’re as important to you when it comes to buying a property.

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