Global living; a city by city guide

Our world is changing faster than ever before; we are becoming increasingly interconnected and our property markets are changing to reflect this.

The Global living report examines 31 cities around the world celebrating their unique characteristics and different influences. From Shanghai to Paris, New York to Tokyo and London to Madrid, we have criss-crossed the globe to bring you a snapshot of the property markets of the world's premier cities.

Using the advantage of CBRE’s unique position as a global property company, we have witnessed some unexpected findings, such as in Dublin, where house price growth was at a global high of 22%, and in Moscow, which has the highest proportion of owner occupiers. Investors would be advised to look to areas where east meets west, with Istanbul and the South African cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town demonstrating the lowest average property prices. Perhaps a surprising investment opportunity is Sydney, which has the fifth highest capital value at £367,648. Its unit sizes are relatively large however, so on a per square foot basis the city is relatively affordable.

Top 10 highest value locations Average proeprty price (£ psf)
 Hong Kong 908
London 657
New York 540
Paris 524
Singapore 519
Tokyo 447
Los Angeles 430
Milan 349
Rome 336
Edinburgh 328