Wellness Report

Wellness isn’t simply about avoiding the latest strain of flu that is going around, rather it is about striving towards ‘physical, mental and social wellbeing’. So while it’s imperative one gets enough physical exercise, to ensure overall wellbeing one needs to attend to other aspects of life.

Social interaction has proved vital, especially in this ageing population where women are outliving men; a recent study by Brigham Young University suggests mortality increases by 26% for those suffering from loneliness. Similarly, the impact of mental health is becoming more known, with one in four people in the UK suffering from mental health issues in their lifetime.

Clearly, where you live and work can have a huge impact on overall wellbeing. While there has been a considerable emphasis placed on an employer’s responsibility to provide a ‘well workplace’, including a recent CBRE study, there has been less emphasis on developing a ‘happy and healthy home’. But as a person spends around 65% of their time at home, arguably this is just as, if not more, important. In this report, CBRE establishes a framework to help inform developers when designing a healthy and happy home and buyers when they are looking for their perfect home.

We have taken the seven dimensions of wellness, developed initially by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute, and considered them in a real estate context. With this in mind we have examined how a home can be designed to cater for the seven dimensions of wellness.