London area guides

Where in central London is best for restaurants? Where can you live to be close to universities? How long will it take you to walk to the City? What is the history?

Our areas guides answer all your questions about central London, and give you our insider's knowledge of the area. We've all worked here for years, and know the hidden gems which we are so happy to share with you!


An established residential district and a world renowned cultural hub, today Bloomsbury is still influenced by literature and education. Home to the British Museum and the University College London, Bloomsbury is very popular with domestic and international students, tourists and academics.

Bloomsbury area guide

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The City


The City of London is the historic centre of commerce, which still holds its position as a globally renowned heart of finance, but is also an established residential area boasting some of the most impressive homes in London.

The City area guide

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Covent Garden


Covent Garden is London’s entertainment district; it is home to the Royal Opera House, theatres including the Palladium and Theatre Royal, and countless bars and restaurants, all focused on the iconic Piazza.

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The Docklands


Canary Wharf, often known as the Docklands, is the business heart of London, home to banking giants, but increasingly famous for its luxury apartments surrounded by water. 

The Docklands

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Fitzrovia is home to London’s creative industries, who love the laid back atmosphere of the quiet streets. With an eclectic restaurant scene and beautiful residential streets, the area is a hidden gem.

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The Marylebone area is home to a variety of period conversions and mews, as well as a large French contingent. The neighbourhood is known for its diverse, cosmopolitan residents and fabulous shopping district that includes Oxford Street, along with hundreds of other outlets. The area also has a strong sense of community, as well as a variety of cultural attractions, such as Sherlock Museum, Madame Tussauds and St James’s Roman Catholic Church. 

Marylebone are guide



The heart of traditional London, Mayfair is still one of the most highly prized addresses in the capital. Surrounded by world class restaurants and bars, and the most exclusive shops on Bond Street, property in Mayfair is desired the world over.

Mayfair area guide

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Soho is the buzzing 24 hour place Londoners go to enjoy themselves. It is also home to some of the capital’s best homes, tucked away in hidden pockets, offering luxury and lifestyle combined.

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South of the river, the atmosphere is relaxed and bohemian. You're never far from quirky eateries, fascinating art galleries and concert halls, and have access to high speed transport to any part of the capital. The Southbank is establishing itself has a highly desirable residential location.

Southbank area guide

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St James'


St James’ is a long established area, famous for its old English shops, restaurants and members clubs. It thrives on tradition and its quintessential Englishness.

St James's area guide

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Wapping is one of London’s more traditional areas, it offers an eclectic mix of warehouse conversions, riverside pubs and restaurants and historic landmarks. Situated on the north bank of the Thames much of the property is water fronted and offers spectacular views over the river towards south London.

Wapping area guide

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