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04 July 2018

CBRE's latest edition of the Residential Development Collection is now available. Download your copy now.

20 March 2018

London’s rental population has exploded in recent years, fuelled by lifestyle shifts and the affordability constraints of home ownership. This is a positive trend for property investors to capitalise from. 

01 February 2016

Chinese buyers surged to prominence in the London market in late 2015, showing particular interest in the West End’s Covent Garden, Aldwych and Soho areas.

07 December 2015

We are pleased to announce that CBRE Residential won Silver in the category of “Best New Homes” at the  Sunday Times Estate Agency of the Year Awards last Friday 4th December!

23 November 2015

CBRE Residential has further strengthened its senior leadership team with the appointment of Ross Howard as Chief Operating Officer.

04 November 2015

Our sales negotiator Alex Rusling discusses a typical week at CBRE Residential...

07 September 2015

Our West-End sales negotiator, Sam Aston, discusses a typical week at CBRE Residenital...

03 September 2015

We have a huge range of beautiful developments for sale. The development showcase brings together our very best properties for sale this Autumn - Winter 2015.

16 July 2015

The iconic stadium of Wembley, which is at the heart of Brent, is known the world over. But Brent’s cultural diversity, green spaces and excellent transport links, means it is more than a footballer’s paradise.

16 July 2015

Perhaps the most rural borough in London, and with the south of the borough more akin to Kent, it remains particularly attractive to families and those wanting to settle down.

16 July 2015

Traditionally a somewhat maligned and overlooked borough, Croydon is currently undergoing a major face-lift. A cluster of residential towers and a council led £1 billion rejuvination have seen rental prices jump 12% over the last year and average house prices rise 18%.

16 July 2015

Substantial regeneration plans, together with the development of Cross-rail promises to bolster the Ealing residential market by 3.3% per annum, over and above underlying growth, as residents are offered shorter trips to work and improved neighbourhoods.

16 July 2015

Despite regeneration Hackney has managed to retain its edgy and eclectic reputation. This largely reflects the active community involvement, with residents keen to protect the intrinsic character of the borough that makes it so special.

16 July 2015

An Outer London borough with a growing population, significant regeneration underway, Cross-rail 2 on the horizon and 15% average house price growth over the last year alone, Enfield is going from strength to strength.

16 July 2015

Despite being the smallest London borough, occupying less than 1% of the city’s total area, Kensington and Chelsea often grabs the headlines with news of its exclusive residents and multimillion pound mansions.

16 July 2015

Haringey is a diverse borough, with the rural, village feel of Muswell Hill, juxtaposed against the more urban, yet well connected Tottenham. It benefits from a mix of cultures and economic backgrounds; it truly highlights the melting pot that is London.

16 July 2015

Home to the National Theatre and the London Eye, Lambeth includes the popular residential neighbourhoods of Clapham, Brixton and Streatham. Part of the borough is benefitting from the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea (VNEB) regeneration with tower clusters developing on the river frontage.

16 July 2015

The borough of Harrow lies in the north western outer ring of London and is one of the city’s outermost boroughs. It is one of the most ethnically diverse areas of London and thus offers a rich cultural diversity. Alongside this the borough boasts a strong heritage in the area surrounding Harrow...

16 July 2015

Historically undervalued despite its close proximity to Canary Wharf, things are looking up for Lewisham. Over the last year alone the borough enjoyed the fifth highest average house price growth in Inner London and a 7% increase in average rental price. 

16 July 2015

Best known for Heathrow, Hillingdon is London’s most westerly borough, and while partly industrial, it is also characterised by countryside interspersed with thriving localities and communities. Despite the distance from central London it is still

exceptionally well connected by underground,...

16 July 2015

Traditionally a relatively deprived borough, with the lowest average salary and one of the lowest house prices, Newham has hugely benefited from the Olympics regeneration. Key is to now leverage off this success and replicate the regeneration across the whole of the borough.

16 July 2015

With strong transport links to both central London and London Heathrow Airport, the borough is home to several well-known multinational companies, offering both reliable linkages and good employment opportunities for those living and working in the area.

16 July 2015

Traditionally undervalued given its relatively central location, this borough continues to undergo significant regeneration from the facelift at Surrey Quays and Canada Water to the regeneration of the Southbank, which is recreating the borough’s image.

16 July 2015

Bordering Richmond and unsurprisingly as the name suggests, on the bank of the river, Kingston upon Thames is like a little medieval English village, fully equipped with an ancient market under Royal Charter. While light years removed in style, it is just 12 miles from central London and only 25...

16 July 2015

This is a borough of many contrasts, with severely deprived neighbourhoods cheek and jowl with more wealthy gentrified locations. Tower Hamlets has the highest level of residential development activity across London and is home to Canary Wharf, one of London’s most popular office markets.

16 July 2015

Every year Merton plays host to Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, attracting over 500,000 people and putting an otherwise quiet residential borough on the international map. However with a strong supply and demand imbalance looming in the borough’s near future, this Outer London borough may well be the...

16 July 2015

The greenest borough in London, Wandsworth is one of three boroughs included in the VNEB regeneration along the Southbank which will create 18,000 new homes and 22,000 new jobs.

16 July 2015

Known for its swathes of green space with award winning parks and playgrounds, affordable house prices, 79 primary schools and 13 libraries, Redbridge is tailor-made for families with young children.

16 July 2015

Westminster is home to all that is quintessentially thought of as London: Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the West End Theatre and the restaurants, bars and galleries of Soho and Covent Garden. As a result it has one of the highest house prices in London and the UK.

16 July 2015

An affluent, mature, beautiful borough in London’s far south west, Richmond offers its residents the best of both worlds: good proximity to central London and a village lifestyle.

16 July 2015

Currently under-going a much needed facelift, Barking and Dagenham is one of our top picks for first time buyers wishing to get their first step on the housing ladder and potentially benefit from the area’s general uplift in values.

16 July 2015

Recently described as the most “normal place in Britain”, 91% of its residents say it is a great place to live. With current low property prices, it provides good entry level housing for families.


16 July 2015

The surrounding countryside together with good underground and national rail connections make Barnet very popular with commuters and families. It currently has the second-highest population of all the London boroughs, but a move into first place is expected by 2024.

16 July 2015

Bordering Hackney and Newham and only 20 minutes from Oxford Street, Waltham Forest experienced the second highest average house price growth in Outer London last year at 22%, a trend that looks set to continue.

16 July 2015

As one of the most affordable places to live in London, Bexley is an attractive option for first time buyers. This suburban gem has a lot to offer those who enjoy having one foot in the city and another in the countryside.

15 July 2015

World famous for its market and music scene, Camden also sports another side: affluence. With the fourth highest average house price in London and significant regeneration underway, this already strong market is expected to only grow stronger.

15 July 2015

Well known the world over as the birthplace of time, Greenwich is home to many historical sites that attract 18 million tourists every year. Now that the area is undergoing several massive redevelopments, it is sure to attract many new residents too.

15 June 2015

Jamie Gunning and team took on Hadrian's Wall to raise money for Shelter and Great Ormond Street Hospital

08 June 2015

Once dominated by its financial core, the City is now opening up as a highly sought after residential location. The increasing desire to live close to work is now being realised as the quality of residential offering begins to  match the aspiration of city workers.

02 June 2015

This vibrant and populous borough has long been popular with students, families and young professionals attracted not least to the area’s traditional housing stock. Since the creation of Tech City in the south east of the borough, it is now also a popular choice for IT and creative professionals.

20 May 2015

We have a huge range of beautiful developments for sale. The development showcase brings together our very best properties for sale this Spring - Summer. 

07 May 2015

CBRE are proud to announce our first year as platinum sponsor of Europe’s biggest tech and creative festival ‘Digital Shoreditch’. The festival brings together Europe’s best tech, creative and entrepreneurial talent from the UK, Europe and beyond.

29 April 2015

Early in the morning of Saturday 12 September 2015, London will join other international cities such as New York, Chicago, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and Sydney in having what it has sorely needed for years: a night tube. 

24 April 2015

Here at CBRE we have a huge range of diverse developments. The development collection showcases our very best properties for sale. 

17 April 2015

Everyone loves a good brunch and the below restaurants are some tried and tested spots by our team. Together we have chosen our favourite places.

10 April 2015

The final piece in the South Bank picture, Nine Elms is currently going through a huge transformation that will see the former industrial site transformed into a thriving central London district.

05 December 2014

We’re delighted to let you know we’ve won two Gold awards, for Prestige Lettings agency and Property Management agency at this year’s Sunday Times Lettings Agency Awards.

08 August 2014

Today Covent Garden in London is known as one of the city's cultural and artistic centres, the home of the Royal Opera House and the famous market, and close to the theatrical districts. But here are five things you might not know about it….

08 August 2014
  1. Character - one great advantage of owning a period property is the huge amount of character they have to offer, on both the outside and the inside. Period homes offer an array of features including solid wood floors, large fireplaces, wooden beams and bay windows. These features add countless charm...
24 July 2014

1. Food and drink - Southbank is quickly becoming a thriving hub of excellent restaurants, cafes and bars. From the soaring views of Skylon offering fine dining and chic cocktails, to the more relaxed Ozu with its simple décor and handmade sushi, Southbank is a must-visit destination for all...

21 July 2014

One of the reasons to buy in a new development is easy Living, with all the amenities, services and ability to lock up and leave, apartments in new developments are the epitome of easy living.

15 July 2014

Walk to work. If you’re based in the City, and buy a flat in the City, you can walk into the office! In 5 minutes! Nothing beats that extra half an hour in bed because you don’t have to commute. But even if you have to get to Canary Wharf or the West End, you’ve got tubes, buses, and Boris bikes on...