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02 July 2018

When buying a property, you must consider several costs you will encounter during the buying process. Generally, we often refer to those costs under the collective term “notary fees”.

04 April 2018

The Breyne Act, or how you are protected as an acquirer of a new building intended for housing.

The 1971 Act also known as Breyne Act protects the consumer and regulates the construction and sale of new buildings. Whether you buy turnkey, or you build, this law applies to your situation.

16 February 2018

As discussed in our "VAT and acquisition of a newly built building" news, the registration fees represent a significant part of the costs you will spend when acquiring a property.

These rights are proportional and therefore vary according to the acquisition value of the property.

01 December 2017

Any real estate acquisition is subject to a transfer tax, often in the form of registration fees.

If the residential complex is sold as new, or considered as new, it will be subject to VAT.

20 September 2017

Some will say that the location is the real estate agent's mantra, but what does location really mean?

The selection of your investment property depends on certain criteria that are for some specific to personality.

02 August 2017

Since the 1st of January 2017, Brussels offers a tax abatement instead of the housing bonus. In other words, the tax abatement consists of a reduction of the registration fees.
The amount of the tax abatement reaches €175,000 in the Brussels-Capital region.