As a leading worldwide business, we understand that our responsibilities lie not only within the company but that they also extend to the wider community. Across the whole of CBRE we have implemented ways for our employees to contribute both their time and money to charitable giving, in Hong Kong and internationally.

In 2006, CBRE founded its own philanthropy programmed, encompassing charitable activities in every area and at every level of the business, locally, nationally and globally. CBRE Cares was established with the motto ‘Leading with heart’ to demonstrate that we take our charitable work  seriously. Whilst we have larger company initiatives we also go to great lengths to inspire personal efforts and contributions from all members of staff.

Examples of recent CBRE charity include: A Walk for Wish charity sale, delivering Mooncakes to those in need together with Salvation Army, Moontrekker fundraising for The Nature Conservancy fund, A day at the beach with children from The Changing Young Lives Foundation.