CBRE takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously; in May 2007 we announced an Environmental Stewardship policy committing us to reducing our carbon footprint. We carefully monitor our energy consumption in the buildings we occupy, by installing data readings for our gas,  electricity, water and oil usage and undertaking regular energy audits.

In the maintenance of our offices we also use local suppliers and ensure that all cleaning and stationery products are from sustainable resources, whenever possible. All of the paper literature we produce is printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper using vegetable 
based ink. CBRE are on a mission to reduce the amount of waste we generate and recycle as much as we can, this includes: glass, cans, plastics, florescent tubes, printer cartridges and batteries.

Hong Kong office arranges a range of green initiatives that help reduce our carbon footprints and increase our climate change awareness.  Example of these recent activities include: Low Print week, Upcycling workshop, Beach Clean up, Meatless Monday, Moontrekker fund rasing for Nature Conservancy.