St James'

St James’ is a long established area, famous for its old English shops, restaurants and members clubs. It thrives on tradition and its quintessential Englishness.

St James'



St James’ is a relatively small area, surrounded by Piccadilly to the north, Haymarket to the east, Green Park to the west and St James’ Park to the south. This elegant, relatively quiet enclave of London is home to some of the most impressive houses in the capital.


Buying properties in St James'


Neighbouring the properties of St James’ are numerous art galleries that cover a variety of tastes. The streets have remained virtually unchanged for centuries and are still home to the aforementioned gentlemen’s clubs. 

St James’ has a great selection of charming properties, with world renowned shops ideal for purchasers who are searching for a historic London property. 




The area is named after a 12th century medieval hospital, which was built by King Henry VIII in 1531 and stood on the site of what is now St James’ Palace.

King Henry VIII obtained this plot because he wanted to adorn the newly obtained Whitehall Palace with a park. As the hospital had 185 acres of land, he thought this was the perfect solution. In time, this land became St James’ Park, London’s oldest royal park. Once complete, St James’ Palace became the residence of kings and queens of England for over 300 years and still remains the official residence of the Sovereign. Proximity to the royal residences influenced the character of the area; elegant homes were constructed along with influential trade stores such as Boodles, Christie’s and Fortnum and Mason.

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, many coffee houses were opened here, particularly in St James’ Street and Pall Mall; which was the meeting place for men who helped develop political discussion. These coffee house meetings evolved into the famous gentlemen’s clubs of the 18th century, such as White’s and Brooks.


St James' today


The historic streets of St James’ have remained virtually unchanged for centuries and are still home to gentlemen’s clubs and shops familiar over a hundred years ago.

The areas trade roots are still evident with Fortnum and Mason, Christie’s and the tailors of Jermyn Street one of London’s most elegant thoroughfares and cigar retailers. There are also many arts and antique dealers concentrated around King Street.

St James’ is a charming area of London, with a fantastic selection of elegant homes and world renowned shops, ideal for purchasers who are searching for a historic London property.

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