Barking and Dagenham Area Guide

The East London borough of Barking and Dagenham combines a rich history with a clear vision for the future with more than thirty listed buildings sitting side by side within an array of new developments. 

The East London borough of Barking and Dagenham combines a rich history with a clear vision for the future with more than thirty listed buildings sitting side by side within an array of new developments. Home to the second-oldest Abbey in England - and partly sitting within the riverside section of the Thames Gateway - the borough prides itself on combining old and new.

Property market

£336k Average house price
£1,250 Average Rent, 2 Bed
6% Average yield
17% Price growth over last 5 years
22% Price growth 5-years forecast
5% Rental growth over last 5 years
16% Rental growth 5-years forecast


5 Number of ‘Outstanding’ primary schools
1 Number of ‘Outstanding’ secondary schools
110 Restaurants and cafes
685 Number of shops
34% Proportion of open space
7 Number of stations
2 PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level)

As one of six host boroughs for the 2012 London Olympics, Barking and Dagenham has continued to build upon the legacy of the Games by generating a clean, safe, and healthy community. Comprising around 25 parks and open green spaces, the area is not only meeting targets, but also thriving.

With an acute awareness of sustainability, Barking and Dagenham council launched its own greener energy company in 2019 - Beam Energy - to provide residents with cheaper, 100% green electricity. The borough also now maintains a Green Garden Waste service which enables residents to satisfy their personal environmental goals. Dagenham’s London Sustainable Industries Park hosts the UK’s largest cohort of environmental industries and technologies, making this area highly attractive to investors and a hub for green jobs.




  • Average house prices are 35% lower than the London average
  • Average rent for a 2-bed flat is 30% lower than the London average
  • House price growth over the last 5 years was 17%, higher than London at 10%
  • Rapid price growth is predicted in next 5 years at 22%, faster than London at 19%
  • Average asking rents grew 5% over the last 5 years, lower than London at 14%. However, over the next 5 years, rental growth is expected to be 16%, higher than London at 14%

Barking Abbey is the second oldest abbey in England. It served as William the Conqueror’s headquarters while the Tower of London was under construction.

Barking and Dagenham may be London's best connected borough; it has excellent links to central London, but with Crossrail and the London Overground due to go to Barking Riverside, connections are set to get even better! At the weekends I love to visit Myesbrook Park for a stroll and the Broadway for some theatre.

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*Please note the forecasts in this report are historic and not reflective of current market conditions

  • Average 2-bed yield is calculated by REalyse using median 2-bed asking rent and median 2-bed sales prices.  
  • Rental growth over the last five years is for all property (not 2-beds).
  • All data is the latest available as of January 2022.
  • PTAL – Transport for London's (TFL) Public Transport Accessibility Levels (PTALs) are a detailed and accurate measure of the accessibility of a point to the public transport network, taking into account walk access time and service availability. Each area is graded between 0 and 6b, where a score of 0 is very poor access to public transport, and 6b is excellent access to public transport.




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