Bromley Area Guide

The most south easterly borough of London, bordering Kent, Bromley is just half an hour from the city centre but has the 2nd most green space of all the London boroughs.

The most south easterly borough of London, bordering Kent, Bromley is just half an hour from the city centre but has the 2nd most green space of all the London boroughs. It’s unsurprising that Bromley is an easy choice for city professionals and young families looking for a life outside Zone 1 and a taste of the countryside. The beautiful home counties of Kent, Surrey and Sussex are within easy reach and there are no less than 26 railway stations within this, the largest of London’s boroughs by area.

Property market

£480k Average house price
£1,375 Average Rent, 2 Bed
4% Average yield
12% Price growth over last 5 years
17% Price growth 5-years forecast
8% Rental growth over last 5 years
13% Rental growth 5-years forecast


21 Number of ‘Outstanding’ primary schools
6 Number of ‘Outstanding’ secondary schools
390 Restaurants and cafes
930 Number of shops
57% Proportion of open space
31 Number of stations
1b PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level)

Dina Asher-Smith, the nation’s Olympic hero, was born and bred here in Bromley and no doubt made the most of the 900-plus leisure facilities the area has to offer. There are an impressive 27 ‘outstanding’ primary schools, house prices are over 10% less than the London average, and local attractions such as the Chislehurst Caves, Kelsey Park and Church House Gardens mean there is plenty to do making Bromley an easy choice for young families.

Bromley is truly unique, sharing a warm and welcoming character with an easy commute into central London or out to Kent, meaning there is something for everyone. From the peaceful village of Keston to buzzing Beckenham and the glamorous Chislehurst, Bromley will not disappoint.




  • House prices are 7% lower than the London average
  • Average rent for a 2-bed flat is 23% lower than the London average
  • House price growth over the last 5 years was 12%, higher than London at 10%
  • Predicted house price growth over the next 5 years is 17%, lower than London at 19%
  • Average asking rents grew 8% over the last 5 years, lower than London at 14%
  • Average rents are predicted to grow by 13% over the next 5 years, lower than London at 14%
  • 27% of the borough's primary schools are rated as outstanding by Ofsted, in line with the figure for London as a whole
  • 57% open space is higher than the overal London figure of 39%

Chislehurst Caves have been used as a film set for Doctor Who, and a music venue for The Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix.

My favourite thing about Bromley has to be the fresh water swimming lake in Beckenham Place Park. There is nothing better than a quick dip on a sunny Sunday morning, followed by a stroll, then onto Alexandra Nurseries for delicious tea and cake. Not forgetting a browse around the shops in Crystal Palace triangle and onto The Goldsmith’s Arms for live music and a roast.

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*Please note the forecasts in this report are historic and not reflective of current market conditions

  • Average 2-bed yield is calculated by REalyse using median 2-bed asking rent and median 2-bed sales prices.  
  • Rental growth over the last five years is for all property (not 2-beds).
  • All data is the latest available as of January 2022.
  • PTAL – Transport for London's (TFL) Public Transport Accessibility Levels (PTALs) are a detailed and accurate measure of the accessibility of a point to the public transport network, taking into account walk access time and service availability. Each area is graded between 0 and 6b, where a score of 0 is very poor access to public transport, and 6b is excellent access to public transport.




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