Lewisham Area Guide

The youthful southeast borough of Lewisham is nestled between Greenwich and Southwark. Historically a small village until the advent of passenger trains, Lewisham has a charming mix of creative communities and family neighbourhoods - and the contrast of urban high-rises and residential Victorian dwellings adds to its diversity and gives a sense of its past. As one of the largest commercial areas in South East London Lewisham’s potential is beginning to be recognised and the area has flourished, with increased investment in infrastructure, into a modern, up-to-the-minute Zone 2 district.

Property market

£463k Average house price
£1,450 Average Rent, 2 Bed
4% Average yield
14% Price growth over last 5 years
17% Price growth 5-years forecast
8% Rental growth over last 5 years
13% Rental growth 5-years forecast


16 Number of ‘Outstanding’ primary schools
2 Number of ‘Outstanding’ secondary schools
310 Restaurants and cafes
800 Number of shops
22% Proportion of open space
22 Number of stations
3 PTAL (Public Transport Accessibility Level)

As one of the more affordable places to buy in London, it is popular with young professionals and students. For the best entertainment spots, you’ll find a constant stream of new trendy bars and restaurants in New Cross, Brockley, and Deptford. The must-visit Street Feast Model Market in Brockley is a haven for eclectic world cuisines and Lewisham shopping centre offers a wide selection of high street retailers and ample parking. The borough is also home to Goldsmiths, University of London, and a host of well-regarded schools including Knights Academy and Hatcham College.




  • House prices are 10% lower than the London average
  • Average rent for a 2-bed flat is 19% lower than the London average
  • House price growth over the last 5 years was 14%, higher than London at 10%. However, over the next 5 years, house price growth is expected to be 17%, slightly lower than London at 19%
  • Average asking rents grew 8% over the last 5 years, lower than London at 14%
  • Over the next 5 years average rents are predicted to grow by 13%, lower than London at 14%

Blackheath Fireworks take place every year and it is the largest single free fireworks display in London.

Lewisham has an active summer festival season, with the local parks and gardens hosting world food, music and arts events, often involving local community groups. It’s a great place to live and socialise all year round, with new openings sparking life into the area. The Ninth Life pub in Catford is a Victorian pub that’s been reinvented with a street food market and an escape room.

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  • Average 2-bed yield is calculated by REalyse using median 2-bed asking rent and median 2-bed sales prices.  
  • Rental growth over the last five years is for all property (not 2-beds).
  • All data is the latest available as of January 2022.
  • PTAL – Transport for London's (TFL) Public Transport Accessibility Levels (PTALs) are a detailed and accurate measure of the accessibility of a point to the public transport network, taking into account walk access time and service availability. Each area is graded between 0 and 6b, where a score of 0 is very poor access to public transport, and 6b is excellent access to public transport.




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