Metalworks, Residential Development Opportunity | For Sale

The main Metalworks site extends to 0.67 acres (0.271 hectares) and comprises a former metalworks which has ceased operations and has subsequently been demolished for residential development. There is also a smaller parcel of land adjacent to the west of Gladstone Street which extends to 0.11 acres (0.045 hectares).

The main site is regular in shape and is bound by commercial accommodation and Naylor Street to the north with Gladstone Street located to the east.

Freemasons Row and Leeds Street (A5036) form the southerly boundary with commercial accommodation and Vauxhall Road located to the west. The second parcel of land is located to the east of Gladstone Street, and comprises a narrow strip of land which is currently used as a carpark. There is also a cafe located to the north west of the main site which will be demolished as part of the redevelopment.

We have been advised that there is a disused Network Rail tunnel known as the Waterloo Tunnel, which runs diagonally beneath the site and has open ventilation onto the opportunity. The immediate area is set to expect significant growth with a number of residential development schemes in the pipeline such as 656 units at Freemasons Row adjacent east, 1,002 units on Lanyork Road to the west and 240 units on Oriel Street to the north.

There are a wide range of land uses in the surrounding area with commercial being the predominant use adjacent north, east and west with residential to the south.

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