10 years of London

London is an ever changing city, constantly evolving around those who live and work here. Take a look below to see how London's economy and the London lifestyle has changed in the last decade.


Over the last decade there have been some marked economic changes. Most notably Londoners have seen an increase in average earnings, retail rentals quadruple, and employment rates rising. From a property perspective, office rent has risen by £7.20 per sq ft, while the average house price in the capital has jumped by £124,000.


There have been a number of lifestyle changes in London since 2007, cementing London's position as an international hub with an ever shifting demographic. The city has seen an extra 4 million international visitors since 2007, and a population rise of 1.36 million. And as the population has risen, so have the buildings, with the Shard adding an extra 71 metres to the London skyline.