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11 October 2017

Ben Brower, Lettings Negotiator for our Henrietta House office, discusses a typical week at CBRE Residential...

12 April 2017

Daniel Eamer, Senior Lettings Negotiator for our Battersea and Nine Elms office provides his recommendation of a quiet little retreat in Vauxhall, Bonnington Café. 

11 April 2017

Michelle Dunbar, Senior Lettings Negotiator for our Canary Wharf Office shares her experiences of her first couple weeks at CBRE. 

23 March 2017

Our Battersea and Nine Elms Lettings Manager, James Hughes, discusses a typical week at CBRE Residential...

20 March 2017

Samuel Anderson, Lettings Manager of our Canary Wharf office, shares his thoughts on The Arora Tower development in North Greenwich. 

16 March 2017

Luke Mellor, Associate Director for our Covent Garden office shares his thoughts on the soon to be completed 190 Strand development. 

14 March 2017

On Saturday 11th March, James Hughes, Lettings Manager at our Battersea and Nine Elms office, held a fantastic fundraising event for CBRE’s UK charity partner, Shelter.  

13 March 2017

Lydia Minto, Lettings Negotiator at our Henrietta House office provides her insider tips on where to eat in and around Marylebone. 

03 March 2017

On Thursday 2nd March, we celebrated the opening of our new Battersea and Nine Elms lettings office. 

27 February 2017

The trend towards car-free cities is picking up speed and when you think about, this idea should not seem like such a radical one, because cars have only been around for a century or so.

26 January 2017

The lettings team at our Henrietta House office have joined forces with The Marylebone Hotel. Ben Brower explains more about this new venture for the team. 

23 November 2016

Sharief Ibrahim, Director of Agency explains: There is still a degree of misinformation surrounding corporate tenancies in London and the South East. Largely, this confusion has been caused by Estate Agents misrepresenting the true nature of a corporate tenancy. 

15 November 2016

Mike Knowles, Associate Director for our Covent Garden office, comments on the various benefits of living in new development after recently moving into one a few months ago. 

24 October 2016

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Battersea and Nine Elms office in the St George Wharf development in Vauxhall.

19 October 2016

The City Fringes of London are made up of a number of areas including; Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Shadwell, Wapping, Hoxton and Bethnal Green. And they are fast becoming very popular for investors and Luke Mellor, Lettings Vauler for our West End Lettings Office explains.  

12 October 2016

For many years, London has been an attractive choice for international investors who have been drawn to the London property market due to the capital growth and good rental returns. Most investors take a long term view and will look to rent properties for many years.  

22 September 2016

Kirk Owen, Lettings Manager has given his top tips for all landlords to consider before renting out their property. 

16 September 2016

Samuel Anderson, Lettings Manager for our Canary Wharf office has given his main reasons why all landlord should condsider using our fully managed lettings service. 

30 August 2016

Our Battersea and Nine Elms, Lettings Manager, James Hughes, provides his recommendations on why you may consider moving to Vauxhall.

22 April 2016

Our Lettings Negotiator, Emily Poole, recommends her favourite places to rent around Covent Garden...

22 March 2016

Covent Garden is an exciting and vibrant place to rent. Negotiator Alie Horton looks at the top tips for renting in Covent Garden...

22 March 2016

When looking to buy or rent in London the local amentities, restaurants and bars are always something to consider. Covent Garden is spoilt for choice, especially with delicious food. CBRE's negotiator, Johnny Rogers, picks his top three! 

17 March 2016

A beautiful top floor flat is now available to rent in Covent Garden, WC2. Located on the prestigious address of King Street, the apartment exemplifies everything that is great about living in Covent Garden. Surrounded by the best of London, this penthouse flat has it all. 

15 March 2016

Updates and commentary from the Lettings team on legislation, tax and all things property...

23 February 2016

Over the last 20 years developments in Canary Wharf have evolved just as the area has...

10 February 2016

Right to Rent: Immigration Act 2014. Following a successful pilot scheme in the Midlands, the government has passed legislation that from the 1st February 2016 all tenancies must pass mandatory checks for the tenancy to proceed.

10 February 2016

As rents continue upwards it is no surprise to see tenants requesting longer and longer tenancies.Traditionally in lettings it has only been corporate tenants who offered landlords any form of long term commitment, ie, longer tenancies with built in rent reviews.

08 January 2016

A short let is a tenancy agreed over a shorter period of time by the Landlord and the Tenant and typically last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months, subject to any local authority restrictions. They are usually fully furnished and often include the utility bills.

22 October 2015

London’s skyline is forever changing, and anyone living and working in the capital will have noticed new buildings emerging throughout the city....

20 October 2015

CBRE have extensive experience in the new-build London property market.  As the lettings and management arm of CBRE Residential, our teams often work with investor landlords who purchase apartments before they are completed.  What should buy to let landlords look for when making a decision on where...

01 October 2015

It's been confirmed in the last few days that The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 will come into force from 1st October 2015.  It stipulates that:

04 September 2015

Tax advice for landlords of residential property is perhaps not the most exciting of topics to talk about but nonetheless, proper advice in this area is absolutely vital to avoid paying too much tax, or falling foul of the HMRC.

26 August 2015

To understand your target market is critical to making the right choice on whether to furnish a property and can also enable you to maximise rental income. 

12 August 2015

This is one of the first questions that most Landlords will pose to our staff...

04 August 2015

James Thornett discusses choosing a suitable agent for your property search

24 July 2015

James Thornett discusses why short lets are becoming increasingly popular for both landlords and tenants in London

15 July 2015

The summer lettings market is now in full swing! Feedback from our teams show a rise in tenants, however, stock levels have not increased by as much highlighting that demand is outstripping supply.

13 July 2015

The tradtional route to adulthood is changing with a new style of European living becoming more normal...

07 July 2015

Buy to let borrowing has had a stronger and longer recovery compared to the mainstream housing market. The number of financial advances for buy to let borrowers began increasing consistently at the start of 2011, growing on average by 23% per year. 

01 July 2015

Depending on the area you choose to live renting in London can often be expensive. This is rarely a shock to anyone, even if they’ve never set foot in the capital.