Boutique is Unique

Lisa Hollands, Head of Boutique Residential discusses how the boutique market go beyond size and geography

The word boutique instantly expresses exclusivity: a small shop with one-off pieces; a design-led hotel where no two bedrooms are the same; or a niche investment house who treat every client like family.

When it comes to residential, boutique is all of this and more. Boutique residential goes beyond size or geographies; it’s about a unique blend of characteristics that come together to create some of London’s most desirable homes.

One of the hallmarks of boutique residential schemes is their architecture. Often formed from refurbished buildings, previously used as offices, warehouses, or schools, elements of their original use are highlighted and celebrated. The nature of these refurbished properties means that often no two units within a development are the same; buyers have the opportunity to buy a truly unique layout.

The nature of office to residential conversions means that boutique residential schemes are typically smaller scale, delivering significantly fewer units. With current planning restrictions meaning fewer refurbishments are being consented, particularly in certain London boroughs such as Westminster, their exclusivity will only grow.

This adds real rarity factor, which in turn drives high buyer demand. Boutique apartments are often snapped up by buyers before completion, and generally kept for a long time. This lack of supply drives the perception of exclusivity and uniqueness.

Our development showcase lists some of the very best boutique developments on the market right now; get in touch to come and visit London’s most unique homes with the boutique team.