Buyer confidence returns post-election

Our sales teams across London have seen a change in buyers’ appetite for properties above the £2,000,000 mark. Prior to the election there were a lot of nerves around these properties however with the Conservative government instated and the threat of mansion tax diminished it was predicted that the flood gates would open.

It was expected that buyers on our records would rush to offer, however what we saw was a huge number of new buyers coming to the market looking for properties.

We have some absolutely beautiful properties available at the moment and they are starting to sell at a higher rate than we have experienced so far this year.  Before the election we agreed eight transactions over £2,000,000 and since the election we have agreed 19, which is a great sign of people’s confidence in the market. By no means is the market running away with itself but it is clear that people are making confident offers on unique properties in Central London with belief in the property as an investment and most importantly a fantastic place to live and enjoy.