Which amenities are popular in new developments? We reveal the results

Probably the most alluring trait of new build apartments, aside from the fact that all the door knobs work and you don’t have to climb the stairs to the 27th floor, is that they come with an array of amenities: concierge, pool, gym, cinema room – the list is endless. But the question is this: with our busy London lifestyles, how many of these do we actually use?

To this end we recently conducted a survey, taking in responses across London from both owners and renters, asking respondents what they used most and what they wished they had.

Popular amenities:

Unsurprisingly, topping the list of useful favourites was the concierge which was provided by 89% of all developments and used by nearly all of the residents surveyed.

Next came the gym. In fact, half of those who have a gym use it regularly, 82% use it at least sometimes and of those that don’t have one, 76% wish that they did.

Other highlights included:

  • On-site retail with 65% using it regularly
  • Where on-site dry-cleaning collection was available, it was used by over half of the residents
  • Visitor car parking spaces were third on the list of things respondents wished they had and being widely used where available

Now, the swimming pool was a bit of sticky one: while 69% of those who didn’t have one wished that they did, only 28% of the 14% of people that actually did have one, actually used it on a regular basis. And in terms of total non-starters, there was the private dining room (never used by anybody ever) and golf simulators which suffered a similar fate. Perhaps architects could consider using that extra space for something more useful?

Apartment units:

Looking at the units themselves, the apartment layout was the stand-alone top scorer, with 88% of respondents rating it as either good or excellent.  The buildings’ architecture was also highly ranked, as well as the overall specification of the property achieving a 78% good or excellent response. With regards to the rooms:

  • 63% of respondents where happy with the overall size of the rooms
  • 90% of people rated cooking space as at least adequate
  • 37% of people said they simply didn’t have enough storage space

Unsurprisingly, apartment location was chosen via proximity to work, followed closely by price and budget with being close to public transport trailing not too far behind.

Essentially, the overarching theme to emerge from the survey was convenience – we want it. Be it a gym or grocery store onsite or a concierge to receive our parcels, London life is hard enough without things not being simple and convenient at home.

Amenities Wish I had out of total unavailable Use regularly out of total available
Bike racks 32% 38%
Business centre 35% 11%
Car parking 56% 51%
Catering kitchens 20% 0%
Children's playground 25% 0%
Children's playroom 23% 0%
Cinema room 41% 18%
Concierge 58% 89%
Crèche 23% 2%
Dry cleaning collection 34% 32%
Electric car charging spaces 27% 4%
Golf simulator 28% 0%
Gym 76% 46%
Motorcycle/scooter bays 16% 13%
On site retail 41% 65%
Private dining room 23% 0%
Private gardens 40% 24%
Residents lounge 30% 18%
Roof terrace 53% 19%
Spa 46% 27%
Squash court 37% 0%
Storage units 57% 31%
Swimming pool 69% 29%
The public realm/landscape 21% 37%
Visitor car spaces 64% 29%