CBRE x Country Life - Taking the office home

CBRE shares insight into creating a space that offers a calm atmosphere and perfect conditions for working from home



It's important to create a workspace you are happy spending time in; clean air will boost concentration and make you feel more alert when working. A quick, effective and inexpensive way to ensure you’re breathing clean air is to place leafy green plants close to the area you work in. Green is also believed to create a sense of calm and encourage concentration, so, as well as plants, you might consider it for the colour scheme if you’re redecorating. Light, whether natural or electric, contributes to a conducive working atmosphere. The advantage of natural light is that it increases vitamin D intake, will boost your mood and avoids a harsh contrast, with light bouncing off your screen.


'Create a workspace with a view and you will feel less confined and more creative'


If possible, create a workspace with a view as it will ensure you feel less confined and encourages creative thinking. Consider your posture—standing up while working increases blood flow, can help you burn up to 50 calories more per hour than sitting and will help you to stay alert and focused. If you don’t have the option of natural lighting or a view, then enhance your workspace with a scented candle or a bunch of flowers. When working in a compact space, such as a studio, ensure that there’s a clear distinction between your sleeping and working areas. Working at a table, rather than where you sleep, will help your brain focus on work and improve your sleep when it’s time for bed, even if you have spent all day in your pyjamas.


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