Cityscape; it's all about the people

This year's Cityscape proved to be the most successful yet, with the launch of our Global Living report and thousands of people to meet and greet, there was barely time to catch our breath...

I write this from Cityscape in Dubai, my voice hoarse (from talking to at least half the 82,000 visitors here and doing a range of press interviews) and on a sugar high (from the CBRE branded tubs of ice-cream at the CBRE stand). However my main purpose in being here is pure business: the release of our Global Living report. Having never attended Cityscape before I really had no idea what to expect (and let’s be fair, trade fairs never sound that exciting on first blush), but the truth is: this one was fun!

Lasting three days and attracting the who’s who of international real estate, Cityscape is a global property fair with exhibitors ranging from government bodies, local and international developers, investors and real estate brokers. This is the first year that CBRE has had a stand here (brilliantly put together by our Dubai office, thank you!), amidst the huge development models, visual effects, coffee bars and a golf simulator. To put it into perspective, one stand even had a Bugatti parked in it! But most importantly Cityscape really was the perfect place to launch our Global Living report (thank you marketing team brains).

The range of exhibitors was nothing if not international, with stands from the across the Middle East region, to the UK to Turkey and the Cayman Islands. While our stand was not the most extravagant by any means, it was a double storey effort with a private office for meetings and a visual minutes mural by Vauxhall street art company (creative connective). It was manned by the local Dubai team and with representatives from London and Spain (the global team) and we used it as a focal hub as we went about press interviews, presentations and client meetings.

But you know, aside from the pre-arranged meetings, some of the most valuable encounters have come from the walk-ins: people and companies we may never have met otherwise. And therein lies the true strength of trade fairs: it’s not just about the ice-cream and the golf. Mainly, it’s about the people.