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London has a gravitational pull like no other, but for those living in the city, the costs of everyday life may seem expensive. Take a look to see how London fares in comparison with other global cities.

The evolution of our cities reflects the wider geo-political and economic environments, and in turn, affects the lives of the individuals who live there. Our latest Global Living Report has looked at the average living costs of cities to see how much bang for your buck you can get in 29 different locations across the globe.

A cup of coffee

The report shows that the Middle East is the most expensive place to buy a cappuccino, with Doha, Abu Dhabi and Dubai all charging well above £3.45. London in comparison charges on average £2.64, and with new sustainability measures being picked up by major providers offering discounts on reusable cups, we could expect these costs to drop.

Cinema ticket

Londoners aren’t as lucky however with cinema trips. Along with Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Los Angeles, the average cost of a ticket surpasses £11, whereas those in Bangkok, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Istanbul can enjoy new films at under £1 a ticket.

Fitness club membership

The cost of keeping fit and healthy in London may seem expensive to some, but at an average of £45.69 a month, this is relatively cheap in comparison to other cities. Once again, Doha and Abu Dhabi come out tops with monthly memberships costing on average over £74, while in Asia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok all charge over £54 per month.

A gallon of milk

Portugal comes out tops for this staple, with a gallon of milk costing a mere £0.56, while Miami, Madrid, Cape Town, Barcelona, Chicago and Istanbul also offer a gallon for under £0.75. London however still sees reasonable prices, with a gallon costing on average £0.93. When comparing this with over £1.60 per gallon in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, we can count our blessings that the UK has such a large supply.

Mid-range meal for two

With a wide range of Michelin starred and award winning restaurants, it is no surprise that the average London price for dining out is at the high end of the spectrum. Costing an average of £54.74, London comes in as the third most expensive place to eat out, just behind Miami and New York. For a cheaper night out, head to Bangkok, Beijing or Istanbul, where the average price sits at under £18.

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