Pavegen: steps to generate energy


Pavegen, founded in 2009, is the global leader in harvesting energy from footfall.  However, the smart-flooring solution doesn’t just produce electricity from footsteps, it can also capture data. Each tile is equipped with a data transmitter to capture wireless information from every single footstep, which can be used to analyse consumer patterns and behaviour. Recent projects include the launch of the world’s first smart street.

Running just off Europe’s busiest shopping destination, Oxford Street, 20 square metres of Pavegen’s award-winning flooring technology is capturing the kinetic of footfall in Bird Street. This is being converted into off-grid electricity to power lights at night and bird song during the day. The energy harvesting walkway also incorporates Bluetooth Low-Power transmitters to enable it to interact with branded apps and provide the clients, New West End Company and Transport for London, with data on how busy the site is.