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Discover our favourite listings in London with unique wardrobes and dressing areas to keep your everyday life organised and stylish. Laura Tracey, our in-house Architect, shares her top tips on creating the best wardrobe at home.

With the reboot of Sex and the City on HBO, we can’t help but wonder what Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe would look like if she lived in London...

Here is a selection of our favourite wardrobes and top design tips if you are redesigning your own. If you want to see more photos and information of the homes, just click the image and it will take to the relevant page.  

If you don’t have a walk-in closet in your home yet, creating one can be easier than you think or perhaps your future home will have one. With added time at home, lockdown is the perfect opportunity to reinvent and organise your wardrobe while clearing out beloved old clothes. Building a walk-in wardrobe or dressing area doesn’t always require a sacrifice of a full room and can be created in a tight bedroom corner or hallway by using every square foot and maximising ceiling height wisely. In addition, mirrors and the right lighting can add a nice touch of luxury in your everyday life. Our Associate Director, Laura Tracey, has listed her favourite tips on creating the best wardrobe space at home.



The walk-in feel


Who wouldn’t want a walk-in wardrobe? "I can’t accommodate it!" is often heard when it comes to creating a walk-in wardrobe or a dressing area in bedrooms. There are numerous ways we can aim to give this space a demarcation within the room. Whether it sits at the end of your bed or occupies a corner of the bedroom, we can add a few extra touches to the space.

For example, linear wardrobes always benefit from having a runner rug in front to separate the space. This minor change means we identify the standing on this rug as being in a particular area of the room associated with dressing. If, however, you have the luxury of having a corner wardrobe, I would recommend trying a “L shape” wardrobe and dressing area as this will immediately create two different spaces.
Miss Bradshaw’s apartment has one of the handiest of all wardrobes. The corridor en-suite. This tidy solution maximises space by using your hallway as a storage area, optimising the everyday dance between what to wear and the bathroom.

Read more about the property with this beautiful walk-in wardrobe, here.


Attention to detail


Mirrors: Fengshui would advise to keep these away from the bed area all together. This means the inside of wardrobe doors provide the perfect solution.

Lighting: Presence detectors are hugely popular and will help illuminate any dark areas. Choose the hanging rail for your LED strip or the area with least obstacles in its way. Also remember to use a flattering light around your mirror. Vertical lighting will create a more even plane and avoid the sharp shadows usually created by horizontal lighting.

Depth and materiality: Choose durable materials. If the room seems dark, consider a light colour for the inside of the wardrobe to help make the space appear bigger. Lastly ensure the depth of the wardrobe is a minimum of 600mm, we want to ensure our clothe hangers fit and all doors can close!

This beautiful and clever dressing area & wardrobe solution is in the Wilberforce Penthouse in Nine Elms. See more about this immaculate property for sale here.


Aplace for everything


Planning the space within the wardrobe is just as important as the position it occupies in the room. Ask yourself, how you would like to store your clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories; ensure a good ratio between top shelves, hanging rails, drawers and inner floor space. All these considerations will help you find a home for every item and make this space your new favourite spot with an added SATC vibe.

This spacious and modern walk-in wardrobe can be found in The Watch House, in the penthouse for sale.

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