London boutique residential: individuality at its heart

Consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and searching for a more authentic and individual experience. Retailers, hoteliers and residential developers are responding with personalised and bespoke products. The trend is being embraced by hotels, with many global brands introducing ‘boutique’ and ‘lifestyle’ brands. Boutique residential developers are offering individually designed and bespoke homes.

In 2015 ‘Trend-Monitor’, a marketing intelligence consultancy, identified individualism as a global mega trend. It stated that increasingly discerning and demanding consumers were moving away from safe, consistent brands in favour of unique products and services. Last year individuality was number two in Sparksheet’s list of nine future marketing trends.

Manufacturers are quickly adapting to this trend. For example, nowadays even consumers of mass produced cars are offered an element of individuality. The trend is also apparent in the mainstream retail market. For instance Coca-Cola has personalised its bottles, replacing its famous logo with a range of popular first names and holiday destinations. Converse and Nike offer the option to create customised training shoes with just a few mouse clicks.

Hotels too are embracing the trend. Several global hotel groups have introduced ‘boutique’ and ‘lifestyle’ brands for those travellers that prefer design and customisation over size and mass. For example, Marriott International launched its Autograph Collection in 2010 and Hilton Hotels launched the Curio Collection in 2014.

Residential property developers are perhaps slower off the mark, but buyers are also demanding individuality when choosing a home. These needs are being satisfied by a growing number of boutique developers who specialise in a more individual approach to building. Often starting with existing structures, from offices, to warehouses and schools, they offer developers the opportunity to incorporate distinctive characteristics such as grade listed façades, ceiling beams and exposed brickwork into their developments.


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