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Discover how to transform your London home into a luxurious space that masters Scandinavian style in a heartbeat, with our Scandi living room designs.


Scandinavian-style living room designs and ideas for a luxury, modern home

A modern aesthetic that has taken the interior design world by storm in recent years, Scandinavian style has become a minimalist’s haven – and it’s easy to see why.
Blending natural elements, contemporary textures and light, airy colour palettes in the name of simplicity, has been adopted as an unofficial art form by those on a quest to achieve a modern look that still embraces the hygge philosophy with a cosy and comforting atmosphere.
Despite its understated sophistication and show-home-esque appearance, Nordic design is surprisingly easy to achieve in any space. Today, we’ve placed the beauty of Scandinavian living rooms into the spotlight with our Scandi ideas and inspiration.

Invest in sleek, streamlined Scandi-style furniture


Nordic interiors are globally renowned for their furniture that has paved the way for clean, swooping lines and experimental shapes to become a Scandinavian style mainstay.
Invest in functional, simplistic items which exude innovative craftsmanship and true comfort for a space that appears welcoming and radiant. Sculptural tables, chairs, sofas and sideboards that utilise natural materials such as wood, leather and wool are what makes this stand-out theme so appealing.
This stunning Scandi living room in Asta House spotlights tapered-legged furniture and sleek shapes for design that blurs the boundaries between Scandinavian minimalism and mid-century modern.



Natural-looking lighting to brighten spaces

An abundance of bright lighting is another commonplace feature of this popular design movement, and have originated from the long, dark winters that have become so routine for Scandinavia’s inhabitants. 

Highlight windows with lightweight coverings such as blinds over dense curtains to maximise natural daylight; pair with white walls and large mirrors like in this opulent Pink Mews apartment to transform a smaller space into a reflective oasis.

When natural lighting is minimal, experiment with an eclectic mix of artificial styles to mimic the same brightening effect. Spotlights and angled lamps offer direct light, perfect for relaxing evening pastimes such as reading. For a softer glow, clusters of candles and flowing pendant lights contribute to a warming, hygge (pronounced hue-guh) ambience.


A minimal, restrained colour palette is key

For the ultimate Scandi lounge, turn your attention to neutral hues inspired by natural landscapes when choosing your colour story. Colour is often used sparingly in this type of design, with pristine whites and cool greys taking centre stage on walls and furnishings to let the available space shine.
That doesn’t mean you should rule colour out of the equation though. Pepper simple accents around the room, such as patterned throws, contrasting pillows or textured rugs, all in a choice of earthy harmonious shades like moss green, warm mustard or rich navy.
The monochromatic palette in this living space located in St Mark’s Square feels fresh and airy, with hints of black and a combination of textures ensuring that the room maintains depth and a sense of home.


Opt for light, natural woods

With soft, neutral tones and minimal furniture, Scandinavian-style living rooms continue the natural theme with plenty of wooden features to banish a clinical atmosphere and add warmth.
Floors in light-coloured woods such as oak are often styled to accompany solid window frames and other pieces of structured furniture, like in this modern St Mark’s Square apartment.
Don’t feel as though pale, washed-out woods are your only option though; play with mismatched tones from the likes of maple, mahogany and walnut for rich and rustic character that’s very much the talk of the interior realm.



Curate a complementary collection of wall art


We’ve already preached the importance of clean walls and open spaces, but that’s not to say that a completely blank canvas is essential to fit into the Scandi-style living room box.
Though vibrant artwork and bold prints are more unconventional in most Scandinavian homes, inviting a careful handful of statement pieces into your space can help prevent rooms looking dull and lacklustre.
This three-bed apartment at St. Mark’s Square does an exquisite job of forming a gallery wall that grasps the contemporary theme and importance or coordination, without overshadowing the simplicity of the rest of the living room.


Choose clever storage to minimise clutter

Scandinavian design is based on the lack of clutter and a clean, stripped-back environment. Gone are the tiny trinkets and ornaments that used to bestrew every surface. Swedish design now leads a storage revolution, offering up careful techniques for storing well-loved, personal items in a way that doesn’t disrupt the minimal feel of a living room.
Multi-purpose tables, smartly arranged sideboards and shelving ensembles are a great way to arrange belongings neatly, without having to sacrifice a homely feel. This beautifully styled Dewey Court flat demonstrates the use of shelving at mismatched heights as an efficient way to store books alongside complementary décor.


Layer textures for a warm, hygge feel

Though Scandinavians have mastered the art of simplicity in their living rooms, making sure spaces don’t become too overly polished, cold or clinical through texture runs through the style’s core.
Mix and match soft furnishings such as chunky-knit rugs, luxurious faux-fur throws and cushions in harmonising hues and woven fabrics to generate an instantly calming and tranquil room.
Stick to stripped-back palettes to allow your textures to do the talking without feeling too cluttered. Plants offer instant zen and channel the outdoors in otherwise smaller spaces. This living room located in Brouard Court, St Mark’s Square does just that, expertly integrating tropical greenery with cool, grey fabrics and supple leather furniture.



Experiment with mixing fun, architectural shapes

Scandinavian living room design inspires careful thinking surrounding excess décor, while encouraging you to dip your toe into foreign furniture waters. A hand-picked selection of small yet vibrant and exciting accents will help inject playfulness and personality into a clean, engineered canvas.
Bold colour blocking, sharp geometric shapes and abstract sculpturing are the cherry on top of this ingenious style. Drenched in Nordic elegance, this stunning space in Keeping Court, St Mark’s Square is the perfect example, experimenting with hexagonal wall decoration, gently patterned cushion prints and modelled chair design.
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