The forgotten freehold

Lateral flats are incredibly popular within our patch, however have we forgotten about the benefits of buying freehold?

Within the Covent Garden, Soho area there is a large preference towards lateral flats and lateral living. We are fortunate enough to be in a position to offer a number of different sizes of lateral flats to fit most budgets, unlike many other areas within central London which are constrained by their architecture.

However are we forgetting about the freehold houses?  These houses often offer superb locations and a large discount on their £per sqft level compared to comparable large flats. There are no service charges and the beautiful part is you own the land your home is built on. The space they offer is incredibly flexible as it is not always about the number of bedrooms, but flexible living spaces and creating different zones within the house.  For these reasons we are slowly seeing a revival of the house due to the superb value they offer and the creative use of space which is becoming increasingly attractive. 

If you are looking for a flat to buy in Covent Garden, Soho or the surrounding areas then please get in touch with one of our sales team.