Turning Battersea and Nine Elms into a car-free zone; one pedal at a time!

The trend towards car-free cities is picking up speed and when you think about, this idea should not seem like such a radical one, because cars have only been around for a century or so.

CBRE’s online magazine, Blueprint recently reported on this increasing trend and that “the automobile has worked itself into our way of life over time, and that doing without it seems all but unthinkable. However, that attitude is changing, as urban centres around the world have begun to consider going entirely car-free, or at least experimenting with the notion”.

With the trend of car-free cities increasing, the team at our new Battersea and Nine Elms lettings office have capitalised on this trend with the introduction of CBRE branded bicycles. The team will be utilising these bicycles to get to and from property viewings in and around the Battersea and Nine Elms area.

The team have been using these bicycles for the past month and they are already proven to be very successful in terms of generating brand awareness and also reducing the team’s carbon footprint in the Battersea and Nine Elms area. To find out more about this Blueprint article, please click here