Which city holds the top position for the world’s highest value residential location?

Our latest research, Global Living, provides a snapshot of house prices in 31 global cities across the world.

The global living report, created by our CBRE Residential team in London, has highlighted how the city of Hong Kong continues to hold its position as the world’s most expensive residential location, enjoying an average house price value of £908 per sq ft. However, this high figure is relative to the smaller size of apartments, within a market which continues to be underpinned by a severely constrained supply backdrop.

The report also shows how Singapore has the second highest capital value at £570,000, although this is relative to a larger average property size of 1,100 sq ft, when compared to an average figure much closer to 800 sq ft in Hong Kong, London and New York.  

As London cements its place as the world’s second highest value location according to average price per square foot, the Global Living report also brings to light how many cities are starting to witness a bounce back following the global crisis of 2008, coupled with those which have proven less resilient.

How do the top 10 highest value locations rank?

Top 10 highest value locations Average property price (£psf)
Hong Kong 908
London 657
New York 540
Paris 524
Singapore 519
Tokyo 447
Los Angeles 430
Milan 349
Rome 326
Edinburgh 328