Why you should get your rental investment professionally managed?

Samuel Anderson, Lettings Manager for our Canary Wharf office has given his main reasons why all landlord should condsider using our fully managed lettings service. 

There are several reasons why it makes sense to have a property managed. Being a landlord is a job, a demanding one at that, so the burden of the management can be avoided. In any important area in your life you would not dare do anything but rely on a professional, so why would you rely on anything other than the highest level of expertise for managing one of your most expensive assets. A property manager is not someone who merely calls the plumber, they are a tenancy asset manager who will ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved creating the potential for significant savings

Tenants are more mature so while they are often more attractive they are also at a stage where they are more than happy to push back and make demands. Your property manager will be cool headed and will know how to respond and will use their experience judgement and knowledge to advise you. They will also act as second voice if you are feeling overly protective over your property and wish to engage with the tenant and they can also approach the tenant if you do not wish to.

When top tenants and huge companies choose to rent, they often choose the top brand names to rent through and will expect a managed service. These tend to be the tenants with the strongest budgets and most reliable rental histories. Failure to offer this will see your tenant pool reduced. Tenants will also expect problems to be dealt with instantly and have someone who is immediately on hand. They will view their contract with you as a business arrangement in the same way they would view one with a hotel company and expect that level of service.

Residential Lettings is a huge industry and as such when you let a property the government will immediately view you as a business and you will be treated accordingly. As more people are forced to rent the legislation further increases and the law will seek to redress the perceived imbalance between a tenant and landlord and by having your property professional managed any potential issues with legislation will be avoided.

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