Winning teams, winning house prices?

With London Rugby fans anticipating the World Cup kick-off in September, we thought it might be interesting to compare house prices of the favoured teams to see if there was any correlation between winning teams and winning house prices:

New Zealand, tipped to the winner, has the fourth highest average house prices at £192,308 and England, tipped to be the possible runner up has the third highest prices at £195,400. So in this instance the answer is ‘yes’.

But then again, South Africa, is expected to get into the semi-finals at least and has the fourth cheapest at average house prices at £68,870 and Japan, not expected to even get past the Group stage has the second highest prices at £231,650. So here we get a big fat ‘no’.

But the highest house prices overall can be found in Australia at £234,531, a team expected to get to the Quarter finals. Other favoured teams include Scotland, with the 7th highest prices at £168,000, France with the 6th cheapest at £105,110 and Argentina with the eighth cheapest at £108,526.

So I suppose the overall answer to our question is: sometimes.