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31 August 2017


YO! Home is the pioneering living space that is set to revolutionise the contemporary home. YO! Home was conceived and developed by Simon Woodroffe, the man responsible for YO! Sushi and YOTEL. The apartments are designed to expand property space. The 40 square-metre space is transformed into...

31 August 2017


Located in Brisbane Australia, 443 Queen Street heralds a new generation of design. It has been designed to allow natural air and light into all common areas. There is no need for mechanical ventilation as the breathable façade works as a natural ventilation system. Breathable walls allows air...

30 August 2017


At Royalty Mews, the initial idea was to save internal space and remove the need to build a new internal core, but the external stair became much more than this. The developer (Project Met) commissioned an artist to design the staircase: “Inspired by the idea of a place that transforms character...

30 August 2017


As space becomes ever more at a premium, developers are increasingly finding ways to fully utilise all the building’s interior space in innovative ways that will benefit residents. This more often than not can take the form of basement storage, gyms or other amenity space. However, Canary Wharf...

30 August 2017


The ultra slimline hifinity doors, used at 250 City Road, enabled Berkeley Homes to create winter gardens in place of balconies.  These maximise the internal space and enable the purchaser to open up the façade to get the sense of being outside during the nice weather. The glazing is thermally...

30 August 2017


Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) is an environmentally friendly alternative to concrete or steel in a high-density setting. This pre-fabricated solid timber is also cost effective and versatile in design. Waugh Thistleton is a pioneer in its use, being the architects behind Dalston Lane and Murray...

30 August 2017


Innovations in concrete frames have prompted a new generation of supertall, superslim towers to rise over New York, with 432 Park Avenue as a prime example. Architect Rafael Viñoly has designed this building with a unique reinforced concrete core, which  provides the tower with both structural...

30 August 2017


The last four years have seen a remarkable surge in demand for electric vehicles in the UK with new registrations of plug-in cars increasing from 3,500 in 2013 to around 105,000 in 2017. Developers, such as Lodha (Lincoln Square), are responding to this demand and increasing the number of...

30 August 2017


Designed by students at Santa Clara University, rEvolve is a 238 sq ft solar-powered house, built on a revolving platform that moves with the sun. The aim is to optimise the amount of sunlight its panels can absorb, but it's also great for sun-loving residents who can soak up the sunshine during...

30 August 2017


KODA is a movable concrete house by an Estonian manufacturer Kodasema. The elegant 269 sqft prefabricated house arrives to a site fully ready, and takes less than a day to be installed. You can move in the next day. The winter-proof house has an open-plan living space, a mezzanine bedroom for two...

30 August 2017


Grosvenor’s multi award winning 119 Ebury Street, is an exemplar for sustainable retrofit. The (listed) hotel has been transformed into three apartments achieving an 80% carbon reduction. Improvements include secondary vacuum glazing; rain water harvesting; Aerogel wall insulation; photo-voltaic...

25 August 2017


Solar tiles are another recent innovation from Tesla, where the photovoltaic cell which collects solar energy is fully integrated as an actual roof tile, rather than being a panel. Glass solar tiles are so durable that Tesla will warranty them for the lifetime of your house.

24 August 2017


Yardi Voyager is a current technology platform that can simplify business processes for multifamily and rental portfolios. Very much a one stop “property management” shop for US multifamily owners, this Yardi software, now available in the UK, will manage your entire portfolio. The software...

24 August 2017

The number and range of  products controllable from a smart phone or tablet is rapidly growing.  They include Wifi LED light bulbs, thermostats, and even cookware. Intelligent ‘personal assistants’ (Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, Google Home) are capable of voice interaction, music playback, to do...

24 August 2017


Smart mirrors let you try on different clothes without visiting the changing room. A simple click on the outfit you’d like to try, and the mirror will do the rest. It can also act as your digital personal shopper, by suggesting a pair of jeans that would go well with the top you’ve picked. And if...

24 August 2017


Pavegen, founded in 2009, is the global leader in harvesting energy from footfall.  However, the smart-flooring solution doesn’t just produce electricity from footsteps, it can also capture data. Each tile is equipped with a data transmitter to capture wireless information from every single...

24 August 2017


Package Concierge® have come up with an innovative solution to stop packages piling up and cluttering the reception area of apartment blocks. Packages are delivered into secure lockers, which are accessible 24/7. Residents receive immediate notifications about their packages being delivered. The...

28 July 2017

A ‘green home’ is designed to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. The underlying design focusses on using as little water, energy resources and building materials as possible, and thereby creating a smaller impact on the environment.

21 June 2017

Woolwich is a vibrant area with excellent transport links, live entertainment and an amazing future ahead. Find out why you should buy property in Woolwich here. 

14 June 2017

Welcome to the first edition of the CBRE Residential University Guide in which we will be covering everything you need to know about being a student in the capital. In our guide we’ll focus on everything from student lettings in London and how to find yourself a student flat close to your chosen...

27 May 2017

What was the one deciding factor when you moved in to your home? Was it the location? Perhaps the distance to work, maybe the size of the bedrooms or were you looking to move into a property with unique interior design? We’ve all got certain things that we look for when it comes to renting or...

26 May 2017

James and Dan, two members of the CBRE Battersea and Nine Elms office, have recently excelled on the sports field as part of winning CBRE teams.

23 May 2017

When it comes to new property development in London, it’s not surprising that top of a buyers wish list is close proximity to transport links, local attractions and amenities, city views and a desirable location. However, guesswork doesn’t always meet the genuine requirements of potential buyers,...

05 May 2017

Conventional wisdom suggests that property markets slow down in light of an upcoming general election. General elections are uncertain, and the property market doesn’t like uncertainty. However, we have found that property markets are, in fact, pretty resilient when faced with an election, with...

26 April 2017

Here at CBRE we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the residential property market here in London and the wider UK, but we understand that some people need a bit more information about a number of the areas we work in. For instance, it might not be completely clear how we can work with national...

25 April 2017

Will Porritt, Senior Lettings Negotiator for our Covent Garden office, shares his top tips on where best to go in Covent Garden over the spring and summer months. 

16 April 2017

In the latest edition of the CBRE Hot 100 we’ve researched a number of locations around London and identified the top ten boroughs for Shopaholics. This means we’ve pinpointed exactly where you need to move to if you simply love shopping, want to live close to a great coffee shop or need easy...

12 April 2017

Daniel Eamer, Senior Lettings Negotiator for our Battersea and Nine Elms office provides his recommendation of a quiet little retreat in Vauxhall, Bonnington Café. 

11 April 2017

Michelle Dunbar, Senior Lettings Negotiator for our Canary Wharf Office shares her experiences of her first couple weeks at CBRE. 

04 April 2017

Millennials – defined as those born between 1980 and 2000 – make up a quarter of the UK’s current population. Our latest research examines how this often discussed, but little understood, group of people are shaping our society.

03 April 2017

As summer arrives in the capital, thoughts turn to enjoying the great outdoors. As a sprawling city, you might not expect London to be great for nature and wide open spaces but we can officially dispel this myth.

03 April 2017

Alex Evagora, Lettings Negotiator at our Covent Garden office, shares his favourite haunts in and around Covent Garden. 

30 March 2017

The word boutique instantly expresses exclusivity: a small shop with one-off pieces; a design-led hotel where no two bedrooms are the same; or a niche investment house which treats every client like family.

23 March 2017

Our Battersea and Nine Elms Lettings Manager, James Hughes, discusses a typical week at CBRE Residential...

22 March 2017

CBRE Residential continues to diversify its growing business, forming a specialist Boutique development team.

17 March 2017

St. Patrick’s Day conveniently lands on a Friday this year and, in true Irish style, the celebrations will continue over the weekend.  We’ve picked out our favourite events and activities with something for everyone.

14 March 2017

On Saturday 11th March, James Hughes, Lettings Manager at our Battersea and Nine Elms office, held a fantastic fundraising event for CBRE’s UK charity partner, Shelter.  

13 March 2017

Lydia Minto, Lettings Negotiator at our Henrietta House office provides her insider tips on where to eat in and around Marylebone. 

01 March 2017

I recently flew to the beautiful city state of Bahrain to speak to a select group of women about investment in property. My focus was on female empowerment, and investment as a way to exercise financial freedom and economic power.

01 March 2017

CBRE are delighted to announce that on Saturday 4th March Hemsley + Hemsley sisters are hosting 2 cooking workshops at London City Island. 

27 February 2017

The trend towards car-free cities is picking up speed and when you think about, this idea should not seem like such a radical one, because cars have only been around for a century or so.

20 February 2017

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to have a great night out, a cosy date for two, or just a slap up meal, we know the very best places in central London. Our Covent Garden and Soho experts have personally tested and approved each of these venues, to create our very own top 10 favourite haunts. 

09 February 2017

Our recent Wellness research highlights the impact the design of a home can have on the wellbeing of its inhabitant. The Chinese have known this for centuries; their system of Feng Shui is a set of principles that govern the layout and design of a home

07 February 2017

As the Government issue their Housing White Paper, Jennet Siebrits, Head of Residential Research at CBRE, comments:

03 February 2017

January is a time when a lot of us take our health, fitness and general wellbeing more seriously. But wellness isn’t just about feeling fit and healthy or free from those pesky coughs and colds going around the office.

30 January 2017

If you set yourself the challenge of getting fit or eating more healthily in 2017 then well done, it’s not an easy task as we’re sure you can already tell!

26 January 2017

The lettings team at our Henrietta House office have joined forces with The Marylebone Hotel. Ben Brower explains more about this new venture for the team. 

24 January 2017

Wellness isn’t simply about avoiding the latest strain of flu that is going around, rather it is about striving towards ‘physical, mental and social wellbeing’. So while it’s imperative one gets enough physical exercise, to ensure overall wellbeing one needs to attend to other aspects of life.

23 November 2016

Sharief Ibrahim, Director of Agency explains: There is still a degree of misinformation surrounding corporate tenancies in London and the South East. Largely, this confusion has been caused by Estate Agents misrepresenting the true nature of a corporate tenancy. 

17 November 2016

Mark Collins, CBRE Residential Chairman and Chairman of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LCCI) Property and Construction Committee, shares his views on Crossrail, after a sneak preview of progress.

16 November 2016

CBRE's latest edition of its Residential Lettings Collection for Autumn - Winter 2016 is now available. 

15 November 2016

Mike Knowles, Associate Director for our Covent Garden office, comments on the various benefits of living in new development after recently moving into one a few months ago. 

27 October 2016

Lisa Hollands defines the ultimate penthouse

24 October 2016

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Battersea and Nine Elms office in the St George Wharf development in Vauxhall.

19 October 2016

The City Fringes of London are made up of a number of areas including; Clerkenwell, Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Whitechapel, Shadwell, Wapping, Hoxton and Bethnal Green. And they are fast becoming very popular for investors and Luke Mellor, Lettings Vauler for our West End Lettings Office explains.  

12 October 2016

For many years, London has been an attractive choice for international investors who have been drawn to the London property market due to the capital growth and good rental returns. Most investors take a long term view and will look to rent properties for many years.  

12 October 2016

Our Battersea and Nine Elms Lettings Manager, James Hughes, discusses a typical week at CBRE Residential...

22 September 2016

Kirk Owen, Lettings Manager has given his top tips for all landlords to consider before renting out their property. 

20 September 2016

Mark Collins, Chairman of Residential at CBRE:

19 September 2016

Residential chairman, Mark Collins, updates us on the key discussions at last week's RESI Conference.

16 September 2016

Samuel Anderson, Lettings Manager for our Canary Wharf office has given his main reasons why all landlord should condsider using our fully managed lettings service. 

05 September 2016

You may not have considered renting your property to students, but here are some reasons why they can make fantastic tenants.  Mike Knowles, Associate Director of our West End Lettings Office explains. 

01 September 2016

Mark Collins, Chairman of Residential at CBRE UK:

30 August 2016

Our Battersea and Nine Elms, Lettings Manager, James Hughes, provides his recommendations on why you may consider moving to Vauxhall.

08 July 2016

The Pathé Building, situated in the heart of W1, houses fifteen luxury apartments, including two penthouses.

12 May 2016

CBRE scoops "Residential Consultancy Practice of the Year" at 2016 Property Week RESI Awards

03 May 2016

Covent Garden is the central hub for all transport links in London. It is inundated with tube stations nearby connecting you to all parts of London – North, South, East, West as well as the Home Counties. 

22 April 2016

Our Lettings Negotiator, Emily Poole, recommends her favourite places to rent around Covent Garden...

22 April 2016

An exciting new development in Soho causes a stir and the forthcoming 24-hour Three Peaks charity challenge becomes the talk of the office...

18 April 2016

CBRE's latest edition of its Residential Development Collection for Spring 2016 is now available.

22 March 2016

Covent Garden is an exciting and vibrant place to rent. Negotiator Alie Horton looks at the top tips for renting in Covent Garden...

22 March 2016

When looking to buy or rent in London the local amentities, restaurants and bars are always something to consider. Covent Garden is spoilt for choice, especially with delicious food. CBRE's negotiator, Johnny Rogers, picks his top three! 

21 March 2016

CBRE's West End quarterly reports discuss the London property market, focusing on the sales and lettings figures across the West End Market 

21 March 2016

Having worked and lived in a variety of different areas in London, I can wholeheartedly state that Covent Garden is my favourite place in London. The vibrancy, selection of restaurants and bars, the world famous theatres, shops and excellent transport links make it an exciting and vibrant place and...

17 March 2016

A beautiful top floor flat is now available to rent in Covent Garden, WC2. Located on the prestigious address of King Street, the apartment exemplifies everything that is great about living in Covent Garden. Surrounded by the best of London, this penthouse flat has it all. 

15 March 2016

Updates and commentary from the Lettings team on legislation, tax and all things property...

11 March 2016

The first of April emerges in the distance, and the recent changes in stamp duty for people purchasing a second home begin to take place

23 February 2016

Over the last 20 years developments in Canary Wharf have evolved just as the area has...

10 February 2016

Right to Rent: Immigration Act 2014. Following a successful pilot scheme in the Midlands, the government has passed legislation that from the 1st February 2016 all tenancies must pass mandatory checks for the tenancy to proceed.

10 February 2016

As rents continue upwards it is no surprise to see tenants requesting longer and longer tenancies.Traditionally in lettings it has only been corporate tenants who offered landlords any form of long term commitment, ie, longer tenancies with built in rent reviews.

14 January 2016

With prices in the capital forever soaring, commuter towns remain popular with families looking for space, proximity and value for money. But when you take into account the extra travel time and costs involved, you have to ask: is the move out of the city really worth it and, if so, what are the...

08 January 2016

A short let is a tenancy agreed over a shorter period of time by the Landlord and the Tenant and typically last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months, subject to any local authority restrictions. They are usually fully furnished and often include the utility bills.

15 December 2015

CBRE Residential wins Residential Advisor of the Year - Estates Gazette Awards 2015

07 December 2015

Increased desirability of the City Fringe sees property prices rise by 62%

23 November 2015

CBRE Residential has further strengthened its senior leadership team with the appointment of Ross Howard as Chief Operating Officer.

04 November 2015

Our sales negotiator Alex Rusling discusses a typical week at CBRE Residential...

20 October 2015

CBRE have extensive experience in the new-build London property market.  As the lettings and management arm of CBRE Residential, our teams often work with investor landlords who purchase apartments before they are completed.  What should buy to let landlords look for when making a decision on where...

08 October 2015

Probably the most alluring trait of new build apartments, aside from the fact that all the door knobs work and you don’t have to climb the stairs to the 27th floor, is that they come with an array of amenities: concierge, pool, gym, cinema room – the list is endless. But the question is this: with...

07 October 2015

The way people rent in London is changing. As more and more struggle to get on to the property ladder young professionals are now looking to rent in new builds.

01 October 2015

It's been confirmed in the last few days that The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015 will come into force from 1st October 2015.  It stipulates that:

15 September 2015

So where in the world has the highest rents? The lowest house prices? The best growth? Our Global Living Report answers all these questions and more, but here is a sneak peak:

15 September 2015

Looking at lists and numbers in isolation can only take you so far when painting a cohesive picture of Global property markets. Indeed, sometimes one factor in isolation can be misleading; it is necessary to look at how everything hangs together to get a true feel.

10 September 2015

This year's Cityscape proved to be the most successful yet, with the launch of our Global Living report and thousands of people to meet and greet, there was barely time to catch our breath...

09 September 2015

Our latest research, Global Living, provides a snapshot of house prices in 31 global cities across the world.

07 September 2015

With London Rugby fans anticipating the World Cup kick-off in September, we thought it might be interesting to compare house prices of the favoured teams to see if there was any correlation between winning teams and winning house prices:

07 September 2015

Our West-End sales negotiator, Sam Aston, discusses a typical week at CBRE Residenital...

04 September 2015

Tax advice for landlords of residential property is perhaps not the most exciting of topics to talk about but nonetheless, proper advice in this area is absolutely vital to avoid paying too much tax, or falling foul of the HMRC.

03 September 2015

We have a huge range of beautiful developments for sale. The development showcase brings together our very best properties for sale this Autumn - Winter 2015.

14 August 2015

With 70 towers currently under construction in London and another 102 with planning permission, the skyline of London is changing. Our trend towards residential towers cannot be denied, but why the strong move to tower-living?

11 August 2015

Head of Research, Jennet Siebrits, looks at the benefits of regeneration