Borough by borough 2016: Hillingdon

Best known for Heathrow, Hillingdon is London’s most westerly borough, and while partly industrial, it is also characterised by countryside interspersed with thriving localities and communities. Despite the distance from central London it is still

exceptionally well connected by underground, national rail and motorway services straight into the City.

Borough by borough: Hillingdon

The London borough of Hillingdon has a population of 293,000, which is expected to increase by 12% over the next ten years. It is also London’s second largest borough by area and as such is one of the least-densely populated boroughs of London. Despite being on the far western edge of London and a fair distance from the centre of the city, it is served by no less than three underground lines and 12 tube stations and a further seven national rail stations, although five of these principally serve Heathrow airport rather than the local population.


London’s Heathrow Airport, sited at the far south end of Hillingdon, is one of the borough’s largest employers and it is said that at least 1 in every 15 Hillingdon residents work at the airport. Furthermore, British Airways is headquartered in Hillingdon, and the proximity of the airport together with the major east-west arterial road the A40 / M40 has been a draw for many other large multinational occupiers when locating here.

However, despite its high office, industrial and logistics base, Hillingdon has thriving local residential communities. With current average house prices of £330,000, Hillingdon is the third most affordable borough to own a home and indeed over 63% of Hillingdon households are owner occupied. The number of households in Hillingdon is estimated to increase by 15,000 over the next decade, which is well in excess of the housing strategy, which aims to provide 5,475 homes by 2026. However, the Council does have a reputation for completing an above target number of homes.

Currently, there are over 2,500 new build housing units under construction in Hillingdon, across sixteen schemes. The largest of these schemes is at St Andrews Park where St Modwen, Vinci and Persimmon Homes are jointly developing the former RAF Uxbridge site to accommodate over 1,300 new homes, the first phase of which has just been delivered, while future phases are still being considered for private rented sector. The entire site is a large new regeneration development that will ultimately become its own community once all of the homes, community facilities, a new primary school, offices, and hotel and open spaces are complete.

Off plan sales rate: 76%. House price to earnings ratio; the third most affordable borough in London: 7.4.