Global Living 2019

Welcome to the fifth edition of our Global Living report, where we examine the housing markets in 35 global cities. They include the most exciting cities in the world, from emerging technology-driven powerhouses like Shenzhen and Bangkok and more traditional capital cities such as Rome and Lisbon, to rapidly evolving modern urban centres like Dubai and Johannesburg. How have they all performed over the last year?

Photo of skyscrapers behind a fountain in Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Sky view of Bangkok skyscrapers and river
Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand and one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities.
Sunny photo of the view in Barcelona
Spain’s second city offers a heady mix of cultural, culinary and architectural attractions.
Sunset photo of Beijing with skyscrapers and lights
Beijing is China's political centre and is a modern city of contrasts.
Birmingham | Global Living Report | CBRE Residential
The UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, is the business centre of the UK’s West Midlands area.
View of Cape town in front of Table Mountain during golden hour
Cape Town
Cape Town is known for the beauty of its countryside and increasingly renowned for its culture.
Chicago | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Chicago is a city characterised by its steel-framed high-rise buildings and plentiful green spaces.
Warm and glowing view of Dubai with the sunset, skyscrapers skyline and sea.
One of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, Dubai is synonymous with luxury and business.
Dublin | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Dublin has a reputation for being one of the most hospitable cities in the world.
Stunning view of Ho Chi Minh City by night with skyscrapers and lights
Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam's economic centre and a key tourist destination.
Photo of Ship in Front of Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong
Hong Kong is a dynamic international city with a mixture of Chinese and Western cultures.
Photo of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul in front of a fountain
Home to centuries old landmarks Istanbul is very much a 21st century international business centre.
sunny photo of the coast line with buildings in Jeddah
Jeddah is the commercial capital of Saudi Arabia and is on the coast of the Red Sea.
Photo of the skyline in Johannesburg with skyscrapers and sunset
Johannesburg is the economic, financial and cultural heart of South Africa.
Kuala Lumpur | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur is also the country’s cultural, financial, and economic centre.
Photo of a yellow tram going down an old street in Lisbon
One of Europe’s oldest cities, Lisbon maintains an historic 18th century architecture.
London | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
London is home to internationally renowned universities, and fast-growing technology sectors.
Photo of skyscrapers and palm trees in LA Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and has a mixture of neighbourhoods.
Madrid | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Madrid is Europe’s third largest city and the financial centre of Southern Europe.
Manchester | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Manchester is the city centre of the metropolitan urban county of Greater Manchester.
Melbourne | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Melbourne has seen the greatest increase in population of any Australian city over the past decade.
Sunset photo of the skyline in Miami with skyscrapers, bridge, sea and lots of lights.
As well as being an important business and cultural hub, it is a hugely popular tourist destination.
Photo of a tram in the sunshine in Milan
Known as the fashion and design capital of Europe, Milan is Italy’s business centre.
Montreal | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Known as the city of a hundred steeples, Montreal is renowned for its churches.
Moscow | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Russia's business centre, Moscow is home to World Heritage Sites such as Red Square.
New York | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
New York
New York City, the financial, business, sporting, entertainment and fashion centre of the USA.
Paris | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Paris is the capital city of France and also its leading political and business centre.
night view of Riyadh with all the lights
Riyadh is one of the largest metropolitan cities in the MENA region.
Rome | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
One of Europe’s oldest cities, Rome is many centuries old and the capital city of modern Italy.
Shanghai | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Shanghai is a global financial centre and the largest city in China.
Shenzhen | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, placing it in a unique trading position.
Singapore | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Singapore is a leading global financial centre in South Eastern Asia.
Sydney | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Australia’s most densely populated city, Sydney is home to the iconic Opera House
Toronto | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
Toronto is Canada’s largest city by population and a centre for business, finance, arts and culture.
Vancouver | Global Living Report 2019 | CBRE
The most densely populated city in Canada, Vancouver tends to build upwards.