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CBRE offer many new build home schemes that operate in the government's help-to-buy scheme. Browse our related research and thought leadership on this topic below.

25 February 2021

We’ve gathered together our market-leading experts to share their insights and opinions on how the Help to Buy market is changing in 2021.

13 February 2020

Help to Buy in London: all of your questions answered here


Though several other cities in the UK are scarcely any more affordable to live in, the difficulties of getting onto the modern-day London property market have been especially extensively discussed. Many young residents and their families...
12 August 2019

Here is how changes to Help to Buy in 2021 will impact the market.

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09 December 2018


Since its introduction in 2013, there have been a total of 12,205 Help to Buy sales in London, around 16% of London’s total new build sales. These sales have been more pronounced since the equity loan was increased to 40% after the November 2015 Autumn Statement. 

Barnet has had the highest...