Kew, A Local Market Review

This report will provide insightful facts and figures into Kew and its surrounding borough. Kew is Located around 30 minutes from Waterloo and is served with good transport links. It is home to attractions such as the Royal Botanic Gardens and the beautiful Kew palace. Its boasting village feel leaves Kew as a sought after residential area.

Kew lies in the North-East of the borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames and hosts approximately 16% of the population, which is an increase of 1,991 since 2001.

Kew’s housing prices continue to grow consistently higher than the London average, with particular traction seen in 2012. There was a 10% price increase in the borough alone, compared with the London average of 4%.

With TW9 housing price average reaching £814,225 which is a 9% increase to the borough alone, resting at £748,138, is high in comparison to the London average which sits at £536, 615.