The Proximity Premium

Our latest research has revealed that properties in central London close to world class amenities achieve a 52% price premium above the wider borough average.

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Intuitively, we know that a property benefits from being close to amenities such as universities, restaurants, hotel and retail. To determine whether this impacted price we compared property values within 500m of an amenity with the wider borough price. Our research shows there was a price differential; living close to amenities can add around 52% to central London property prices.

The highest premium occurred for properties close to hotels such as Claridge’s, the Dorchester and The Ritz, with an average price of £3.72 million, more than double the borough average of £1.68 million. Proximity to well-known department stores, such as Harrods and Harvey Nicholls, also added nearly double to property values. Our research also found that being within 500 m of a world class university added around 75% to property values. 

Department store premium
Living close to shops adds the most to house prices.
Hotel premium
Find out how much value living close to a hotel adds to a property.
Restaurant premium
Add pounds to the waistline and the bank balance by living close to restaurants.
University premium
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Theatre premium
The serious business of showbiz, and how it boosts property values.
Museum premium
World class museums: pay more to have them on your doorstep.