Putney, A Local Market Review

In this research report we discuss Putney and its surrounding towns. Putney is a picturesque riverside location surrounded by vast green spaces, which is a rarity in London. Not to mention its great transport links, making Putney ideal for the daily commuter.

Putney is located in the South-West of the London borough of Wandsworth, where the population currently stands at 322,780 showing a 28% increase since 2001, with an expected 6% further increase by 2021. Putney itself hosts a population of 60,000 residents making up 20% of the Wandsworth’s population.

The proportion of renters in the area has increased from 22% in 2001 to 32% now. Despite the 6% rent increase over the year, they remain fairly reasonable standing at £1,834pcm lower than £2,080pcm across London.

Putney saw buying increases of 13% last year. According to Molior, the average build property price in Putney is just below £1,000psf. Comparatively Fulham currently sits at £1,100psf, making Putney more affordable.

Data shows on average Putney sold for £751,366, 26% higher than the borough average of £569,418. Apartments in Putney are achieving prices of £536,728, which is 11% higher than the London average of £483,840, but nearly 50% lower than in Fulham. However it is only time before Putney properties grow in line with its neighbours.