Living in London Area Guides

Explore the different areas in London and what they have to offer you, our guides will help you decide which locations are best suited to your needs.

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London Area Guides

  • st pauls cathedral

    Originally known as the square mile, the City of London is the smallest of London’s districts in terms population and size. This world-famous centre of finance - with more businesses than permanent residents – makes for a superb place to live in the heart of London for its 10,000 or more residents.

  • people having lunch in soho

    Soho is a small neighbourhood in the centre of London that is known for its buzzing and bohemian atmosphere and culture. From nightlife to theatres, restaurants and bars in Soho, it’s the place Londoners and visitors go to enjoy themselves 24/7. It is also home to some of the capital’s best homes,...

  • soutbank on a sunny day

    In London, south of the River Thames, the atmosphere is relaxed and bohemian. There is a host of fun and exciting things to do in South Bank, from strolling along the riverside to having a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants or whiling away an afternoon in a museum or theatre. The South Bank is widely seen as London’s cultural heart; a lively hub for creativity, entertainment, and the arts.