Guide to buying

Buying a home can be a daunting process. At CBRE we guide you through the entire process from finding the right property to the exchange of contracts.

Below is a step-by-step guide of what to expect:

Arrange your finances

If taking out a mortgage, ensure that you’ve spoken with a mortgage adviser and are aware of how much you will have to purchase your property

Contact our office to register your interest

To ensure you find the best property, contact our office and arrange a chat to discuss exactly what you’re looking for. Generating a list of items that are essential and negotiable can also help to narrow your search

Find the right property

Once we have a strong understanding of what you’re after, our sales team will be able to provide you with a selection of CBRE properties to view. You can also browse our website to see what properties are currently available

Make an offer

When you’ve found the perfect property for you, submit your offer via your dedicated sales negotiator



Offer agreed

Once you’re offer is agreed, we’ll get in touch to confirm your solicitor’s and mortgage broker’s contact details


Your sales negotiator will assist your solicitor with the conveyancing process which includes (but is not limited to) exchanging of contracts and a proposed date for completion

Survey and mortgage offer

While your solicitor is taking care of the required conveyancing, you need to instruct your mortgage broker to instruct a survey to establish the condition of the property. Once this survey is complete, a formal mortgage offer will be sent to both yourself and your solicitor

Exchange contracts

Once the conveyancing, survey and mortgage offer have all been completed, the deposit is paid and a completion date is set between both parties


Once the remaining money is paid to the seller’s solicitor your sales negotiator is able to release the property keys to you, and the property is now yours