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Find out everything you need to know about London’s top Universities with the CBRE Residential University Guide series. Here you’ll find all you need to know about some of London’s finest places of study, our collection of beautifully designed student rentals in London and much more to help you to make a decision over where to study, where to live and how to enjoy student life in London.

  • Goldsmiths, University of London is in New Cross South East London and focusses on a variety of innovative courses including the arts, design, humanities and social sciences. The New Cross area is renowned for being a popular part of London among music and art lovers and is just a short distance from Greenwich and the thriving Docklands.

  • The University of Westminster was established in 1838 under the original name of the Royal Polytechnic Institution making it the first polytechnic in the UK. It wasn’t until 1992 that it formally changed its name to the University of Westminster following the introduction of the Higher Education Act (1992) and the University has gone from strength to strength ever since.

  • The London School of Economics and Political Sciences, frequently abbreviated to LSE, was established in 1895 and has gone on to become one of London’s leading Universities. LSE attracts students and staff from all over the United Kingdom and across the world with its outstanding reputation for teaching and research, particularly in the social sciences.

  • University College London, or UCL as it more commonly referred to, was established to open doors to education for everyone and not just the elite. Fast-forward to today and UCL is a leading University not just in London – or even the UK – but it is recognised internationally as one of the finest Universities producing the next generation of graduates whose research and innovations may one day change the world.

  • King’s College London is one of the oldest and most prestigious academic institutions in the world with a reputation for providing world class teaching to students from across the globe from its main Strand campus on the Northbank and the four other campuses located around the capital including Guy’s Campus beside Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

  • The team here at CBRE Residential have compiled a handy guide for any students thinking about studying at Imperial College London in the near future, and here you’ll find details on everything from the University’s history and reputation to student rentals near Imperial College London so that you can make an informed decision on your course, your student accommodation and how to get around this fantastic city.