Virtual London Home Tours

When you’re on the hunt for a new, spectacular London home, it can be a struggle to find realistic angles and high-quality imagery which offer a true sense of space. At CBRE Residential, we provide state-of-the-art, innovative viewing technology in the form of 3D, virtual house tours, allowing you to be immersed in a walk-through experience like no other – and all without having to physically visit a residence in person. Keep reading to discover how to utilise our virtual property tours and for a list of our available London homes.

How to use our virtual real estate tours

This futuristic software is extremely efficient to use too; simply click play to explore your chosen residence in a 3D world, for best experience we recommend you use a tablet or smartphone.

The opening “play walk-through” feature uses a predetermined series of scenes, allowing you to view a space in your very own virtual guided tour. Click and drag through the property to discover rooms and enjoy a 360-degree view of every space. You can also take control and view the virtual tour independently, allowing you to view the rooms at your own pace.

Take advantage of the incredible “doll house view” for a 3D recreation of the entire space. Be in full control of the viewing process by dragging your cursor around the model for an insight into the location of each room. Click into a particular area to be transported back into the walk-through process.

Try the “floor plan” function for a bird’s-eye-view, and easily zoom in or out of all modes by pressing ‘Ctrl’ on your keyboard and scrolling up or down with your mouse.

For out-of-this-world detailing, ‘measurement mode’ allows you to obtain accurate proportions when you need to understand the space. Follow the on-screen instructions and click anywhere to draw focus points between walls for a distance given in a ‘feet and inches’ format. Keep adding measurements as you please, and to adjust any, click and drag to your new, desired position. 

Live Interactive Tours Now Available!

On some of our listings we are able to offer an interactive viewing experience which allows you to do a virtual tour of the property with one of our agents. They will take you through the different rooms at your own pace whilst talking you through the features and answering any of your questions. This experience can have multiple people on the tour enabling you to invite a friend, relative or business partner to the virtual visit too! 

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